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We don’t receive any compensation or remuneration for any distribution of our services for which the financial investment advice is given to the client.

No stock broker is recommended by us, but even if recommended by any of our employee or representative, we do not receive any compensation from the stock broker or from any other intermediary for recommendation. As per the Investment Advisor Regulations Act 2013, we comply with the law that none of our representatives will trade in the market.

Investment in the share or commodity market is totally subject to market risk, though meticulous efforts are made for deep analysis of the market to give great returns to the clients, but no guarantee is taken of the accuracy or return of any kind. Performance sheets are available of the products or services but should not be considered as guarantee. The advices given to the clients are given in the form of opinion and the clients are suggested to take the investment decision on their own. We are not responsible for any kind of losses that may occur by accepting the opinion.

Clients are also advised to trade only if advises suit their risk bearing potential. We do not recommend any specific intermediary or their services.

No legal action has been taken against the company since the company has incorporated.

Clients are also advised to read, interpret and agree to the terms and conditions and also the Disclaimer of IPC. No guarantee of return is taken.

Neither IPC nor its employees or its directors trade in the financial market, in order to avoid any kind of conflict.

The service, views and information published here are considered to be précised but it may be not. We don’t find us liable for the guidance, errors or opinions. Advices published here should not be taken as personalized investment advice. Questions related to general service will be answered by our employees but they are not legally liable for your any particular investment situation. We are strictly not liable for the errors or financial loss or profit occurred in your investment as the material provided is just for guidance and we take no responsibility of the accuracy of it. Just for the informational purpose the recommendations are given, it is up to the investor to buy or sell his securities according to his investment situation.

CPI Research and its employees are not responsible for bearing the losses that arise while following the recommendation of the stocks.

The suggestions given are totally based on the information available from the available resources which are believed to be correct and reliable. Before taking any investment decision investors are advised to properly make independent analysis of the market.

CIP Research and its employees are just active participants in the share market and do not possess any positions in the stocks recommended.


Investment in stock and commodity market is subject to market risk. Please do not trade on those tips which are not provided through SMS or Messenger and without stoploss.

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